The brand new ‘Facechart Academy Makeup Designer’ online course turns YOU into a certified makeup designer. All basic face chart techniques (as in 'The Book') and an abundance of 'Advanced' techniques are taught in every little detail!

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Be that next level blend-master!

A makeup book like no other. Combine knowledge with techniques to develop your talent. Understanding color schemes, blending techniques, light & shadow, combined with skills, is the basis for every makeup artist.

Use face charts as your powerful tool to train, practice, create, design, showcase, and elevate yourself to a whole new level. Everyone can do it, and the benefits are HUGE!

You'll get better at blending, put tighter eyeliners, and create beyond your personal limits. Connect with your inner (makeup) artist like never before, facecharting is said to be therapeutic.

"Valuable knowledge and a unique piece of art on your bookshelf, all at the price of one eyeshadow palette ora wild night out..." –Veronica Bliss