FACECHART "The Game Changing Makeup Book"

Learn everything there is to learn about using and creating realistic face charts. The powerful basic knowledge for any makeup artist is explained down to the smallest detail.

Every renowned makeup school teaches its principles, and the major cosmetic brands are all working on it. Facecharts! And there is a reason why.

Techniques, combined with the right knowledge, carried out in practice on paper, ensure talent development. (as it does with any study.) The theory of light, shade, and color, and how to apply it, is essential but lacks many. Learn to blend perfectly, set sharp eyeliners, draw eyebrows, and push your creative boundaries. Learn how to benefit from using a face chart template.

This book is already called the game-changer by many. It is one of a kind, timeless, educational work of art.

Elevate Your Makeup Skills to a higher level. Education is the key.

Can't figure it out? Allow me to assist you. Here, in brief, the highlights to provide a crystal clear picture.

FACECHART 'Drawing With Makeup'

Is a textbook, educational, full of knowledge.

Is not for coloring and working.

Is solid, 378 pages, therefore permanent on your bookshelf or coffee table, probably forever.

A one-of-a-kind makeup book.

FACECHART 'Template Workbooks'

Are workbooks, with blank templates, textless - so without words.

Are intended for coloring, drawing, creating, and designing.

Are used up, 48 sheets, part of which will remain as a work of art.

Be that next level blend-master!

A makeup book like no other. Combine knowledge with techniques to develop your talent. Understanding color schemes, blending techniques, light, and shadow, combined with skills, is the basis for every makeup artist.

Use face charts as your powerful tool to train, practice, create, design, showcase, and elevate yourself to a whole new level. Everyone can do it, and the benefits are enormous!

You'll get better at blending. Put tighter eyeliners. Create beyond your personal limits. Most importantly, enjoy it! Connect with your inner (makeup) artist like never before, facecharting is said to be therapeutic.

"Valuable knowledge and a unique piece of art on your bookshelf, all at the price of one eyeshadow palette or a wild night out..."

Limitless Creativity

Reach Beyond Your Imagination

Set Sleek Eyeliners

Train Techniques on Paper