Wall Art by Liza Kondrevich

Match your environment with these iconic masterpieces –Wall Art by Liza Kondrevich. The facechart and makeup artist, and author of the book 'Facechart Drawing With makeup' and turn those sad walls into colorful galleries! Stunning wall art! From facecharts and Makeup drawings to raw sketches and photos, all printed on museum quality paper with giclee techniques. Adding new pieces of art monthly for every makeup artists wall. 

Have a passion for makeup? Addicted to lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliners, powders, and brushes? Always setting the trend with the latest cat-eye look and glued-up eyebrows? Then your walls can certainly not be boring! Let them reflect what you stand for: that ever-evolving makeup artist, that creative unicorn, the beauty-nerd, whatever you are!

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Wall Arts are shipped directly from the printer and have their own shipping terms.