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Februari 2020


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All products that can be ordered or downloaded via our web shop are protected by copyright. This means that you are not allowed to reproduce, copy, modify, disseminate or publish these products or services without prior consent, unless the law provides otherwise. This consent must be obtained from the copyright holder. Rob Woo is the author of the text and Liza Kondrevich provided the illustrations. 



We are not originally a U.S. company. This means that despite all our precautions it is possible that the texts of the website or of the products offered on it contain errors.


We do not accept any liability for: 

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Notice and takedown

Please notify us if you detect any unlawful content on this website, so that we can remove it from the website. You can notify us of this by sending us an email with the following information:

·       the URL on which the unlawful content is available;

·       a brief description of the unlawful content;

·       the reason why you think the content is unlawful and, if it infringes an intellectual property right, the name of the rights holder;

·       your name and contact details.


If the information is found to be clearly unlawful, it will be removed within 48 hours of this notification. If we are unable to confirm that the content is unlawful, we will investigate the matter and will keep you informed of the outcome. We may contact you if we need more information.



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