ARTISTS & STUDENTS during lockdown

15% discount support for artists and students

Dear makeup artists and students the artistry of makeup is hit hard by the measures surrounding the Covid Pandemic. It has been too long for me to perform my beloved trade, and many of you will experience the same. We are stuck, both in our creativity and in our wallets. Financially these are challenging times.
Because I got so much positive feedback on what the FACECHART book has meant to many during these lockdowns and helped them stay connected with themselves, I decided to contribute to the community, which I love so much.
Lesson material and knowledge should be available as much as possible, especially now! As mentioned, this email is strictly reserved for makeup artists and students of the profession.
During the entire month of March, while supplies last, there is a 15% discount available when using this code: ARTISTSUPPORT
I hope this is a welcome help in preparation to emerge from this crisis as a better makeup artist with more knowledge on board.
Whatever you do, please never stop creating !!

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