FACECHART Template Workbook 1

FACECHART Template Workbook 1


Workbook 1 'Straight Forward' contains 48 sheets of high-quality fine art paper, printed on one side with 4 variations of desirable facechart templates. 12 pieces of each version. A perfect addition to the successful 'Facechart Book.'

These realistic-looking face charts are developed by Liza Kondrevich, designer of the revolutionary NYX PMU facecharts and author of the book 'FACECHART Drawing With Makeup.'

The exclusive designs in 'FACECHART Template Workbook 1' are all 'straight forward' and, therefore, the most accessible facechart templates. For every level of skill.

Due to its exceptional size, this workbook allows you to work in realistic proportions, with more than enough space to create to your heart's content—a huge plus, which directly translates into better results.

Workbooks contain NO guidance and explanation and consist exclusively of blank templates.

  • 48 sheets of 160 gr/m2 high-quality fine-art paper.
  • 4 exclusive designs, each printed 12 times.
  • Unique size for optimal results. 30.5 x 24 cm.
  • Finest blending paper ever for its value.


Language: None
ISBN 978-9-083-03332-7

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