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Learn Face Chart Makeup Art With Liza Kondrevich

Become an expert in Face Chart Makeup Design without the need for years in Art and Makeup Class. Acquire the skills of creating Face Charts and Makeup Drawing with Liza Kondrevich, the renowned author of The Face Chart Book, and a leading professional in the industry.

The Makeup Industry's Professional, Your Facechart Mentor!

Liza developed her proven program by combining her knowledge from art academy, being a master in realism, and over a decade of experience training artistry teams, providing masterclasses world wide, and working with the captains of the beauty industry on a daily bases as a Makeup & Face Chart Designer for L'Oreal's NYX Professional Makeup, Makeup By Mario, and many more.

Besides her passion for Art & Makeup, she loves to educate and generously shares her knowledge, skills, and techniques with the passionate few.

Create face charts like these...

No Art & Makeup skills? No worries, this program teaches it all, no need for years of art education.
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liza kondrevich face chart & makeup designer

"Never Give Up On Your Dreams..."

Hello, I'm Liza Kondrevich. I empower art and makeup enthusiasts to become skilled makeup designers proficient in face charting, eliminating years of tedious learning and trial and error.

In my late twenties, I broke free from a corporate desk job and fused my passions for art and makeup. Today, I'm a full-time makeup designer and mentor to budding artists, guiding them toward creative liberation.

As a renowned makeup artist and master face charting designer, I've honed my skills over the years. As an educator, I'm dedicated to sharing my knowledge and helping aspiring artists and beauty professionals reach their full potential and stand out


What is face chart?


A face chart is a specialized makeup artist's tool, typically a sheet of paper or a digital template, used to plan and illustrate makeup looks. Makeup artists use face charts to sketch, design, and document makeup ideas before applying them to a client's face. They serve as a canvas for creative makeup concepts and allow artists to visualize and perfect their techniques.

Do you use makeup on face charts?


Yes, makeup artists often use actual makeup products on face charts. This allows them to test and refine makeup techniques, experiment with colors, and create a detailed visual representation of a desired makeup look. Using makeup on face charts helps artists practice and perfect their skills before working on a live model or client.

How do you complete a face chart?


Completing a face chart involves several steps. First, you outline the facial features on the chart, including the eyes, eyebrows, lips, and contours. Then, you apply makeup to the chart, following your design and desired color scheme. This process allows you to create a detailed representation of the intended makeup look, serving as a reference for future applications.

Can you practice eyeshadow on paper?


Yes, practicing eyeshadow techniques on paper or a face chart is a common and effective way for makeup artists to refine their skills. It allows artists to experiment with eyeshadow colors, blending techniques, and placement without using a live model. This practice is valuable for honing precision and creativity.

What paper is best for face charts?


The best paper for face charts is usually heavyweight, acid-free paper or cardstock. These materials provide durability and prevent the makeup from bleeding or smudging. Quality paper ensures that your face charts remain intact and presentable, serving as valuable references for your makeup designs.

Why are face charts important?


Face charts are essential tools for makeup artists for several reasons. They help artists plan and visualize makeup looks, document their creations, practice and refine techniques, and communicate their ideas effectively with clients. Face charts also serve as a valuable reference for recreating specific looks and can be an essential part of a makeup artist's portfolio.

What is the difference between the face chart book and the online course?


While the Face Chart Book is a comprehensive hardcover textbook by Liza Kondrevich, offering valuable insights and beautiful illustrations on face charting, the online course is a dynamic and evolving learning experience. Released three years after the book, the course continuously stays ahead with the latest and advanced makeup techniques, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of industry trends.

The online course offers a complete and immersive study program, providing personal interaction with experts, optional certification, and an intensive learning journey spanning at least six weeks. This in-depth experience takes your makeup skills to an entirely new level, with a focus on real-time guidance and access to the most up-to-date techniques in the world of makeup artistry. The results achieved through this course are nothing short of transformative, offering a whole new level of expertise and creativity in the realm of makeup.