facechart.art & facechart.store are part of Makeup Designer Academy™, FACECHART, and the Liza Kondrevich Brand.

At FACECHART.ART, we are more than just a brand; we are the epitome of artistic expression in makeup design. Our journey began when we fused our passion for makeup with the world of art, specializing in the intricate craft of face chart makeup design.

the most dedicated team

A passionate team of dedicated, like-minded soulmates is unparalleled when it comes to execution.

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In this journey, I, Liza Kondrevich, stand alongside my esteemed partner, Rob Woo, co-author of 'The Face Chart Book' and co-founder of Makeup Designer Academy.
Together, we steer our ship through the digital realm, overseeing our websites: facechart.art , facechart.store & makeupdesigner.ac

Our dedicated team, led by Jordan (since 2019) and Naomi (since 2020), is the backbone of our customer service, creative education, and marketing communications.